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Ginger, one of the oldest oriental spices, is widely used in Indian and global cuisines. India has seen a significant increase in ginger exports in recent years, providing a lucrative revenue source for exporters. To export ginger from India, strict health and quality standards must be met. This trade not only benefits Indian exporters but also supports international trade and culinary diversity.

"Bringing the World a Taste of Nature: AEMS Exporters - Your Trusted Partner for Ginger Varieties."

India is a major producer and exporter of ginger, with a production of approximately 385.33 thousand tons. Ginger exports from India have grown significantly over the years, from 8,332.91 tons in 2007-08 to 35,616.35 tons in 2011-12. This increase is attributed to improved product quality by Indian exporters.

Here are some popular ginger varieties exported from India:

1. Rio-de-Janeiro: Known for its bold rhizome size, buff-colored skin, pungent flavor, and low fibrous content.

2. Thingpui: This variety features medium-sized rhizomes with buff-colored skin. It is pungent, less fibrous, and has a rich flavor.

3. Wynad: Bold rhizomes with buff-colored skin, pungent taste, and low fibrous content characterize this ginger variety.

4. Maran: Medium-sized rhizomes, buff-colored skin, pungent flavor, and low fibrous content make Maran ginger stand out.

5. Nadia: Yellowish in color, medium to bold-sized rhizomes, moderate pungency, mild flavor, and low fibrousness distinguish Nadia ginger.

6. IISR-Rejatha: Released in 2001, it features lumpy, round rhizomes with bold size and low fiber content. It is rich in oil and oleoresin.

7. IISR-Mahima: Also released in 2001, this plumpy ginger variety has bold rhizomes, some fiber content, and is resistant to root-knot nematode.

8. IISR-Varada: A high-quality, high-yielding variety with plumpy rhizomes, medium-sized reddish-brown scales, disease tolerance, and low fiber content.

India's ginger production is concentrated in the North East, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim regions, accounting for over 50% of the country's total ginger output. If you're interested in ginger exports, AEMS EXPORTERS is a leading exporter in India with extensive experience and expertise in ensuring the safe delivery of products worldwide.

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